Shabbos Parshas Vaeschanan

Weekday Minyan Times

  • Sunday 8:30 AM
  • Monday & Thursday 7:10 AM
  • Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 7:25 AM
  • August 8 - 11 7:50 PM
  • August 14 - 19 7:40 PM

Shabbos Zmanim

Erev Shabbos - early shabbos ends
  • Candle Lighting 7:39 PM
  • Mincha / KS 7:45 PM
Shabbos Day

Tisha B'av

Sunday, August 7th


Please email us the name of the person you’d like to add to the Mishebeirach list for a speedy recovery.  Please list their (preferably Hebrew) name and their (preferably Hebrew) mother’s name.

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With the expiration of the New York State mandate for public spaces to either “mask or screen”, vaccinated people attending davening will no longer be required to wear a mask.

  • Non-vaccinated attendees must wear masks and should to the best of their ability maintain social distances
  • Masks are optional for vaccinated people, but we do encourage them, especially for anyone at elevated risk
  • Due to the tight quarters at Kiddush and the impossibility to mask while eating, only vaccinated people or those ineligible for vaccination will be allowed