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A Welcome Letter From the Rabbi

Welcome to our Shul!  We are a synagogue with a treasured history on the Upper West Side.  Congregation Ohav Sholom was founded in 1940 by a group of German Jews fleeing the horrors of Nazi Germany. Establishing a shul was a priority to these heroic Jews, and their legacy of Jewish identity and pride is alive and well today. In the last 75 years Ohav Sholom has grown into a beloved staple of the Upper West Side, having welcomed thousands of Jews from across the globe to participate in our warm services and study Torah in our beautiful Bais Medrash.

Our quaint and charming building provides a spiritual retreat from the noise and chaos of the big city. At Ohav Sholom, we strive to make everyone feel like one of the family while offering easy-to-follow prayer services. Our Shul is lead by self-motivated men and women who wish to spread the wonder of Torah and raise Jewish awareness among the Upper West Side community.

In addition to our regular prayer services, Daf Hayomi and Torah shiurim, we also offer a delicious weekly Kiddush, Shabbos morning children’s programs, regular singles events, Friday night dinners featuring engaging guest speakers, ongoing outreach programs, Yom Tov celebrations and much more.

We’re a growing shul with a dynamic member base and we’d love to welcome you to our special community.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Rabbi Aaron & Rebbetzin Ayelet Mehlman



Rabbi_Mehlman_PictureRabbi Aaron D. Mehlman has served as Rav of Congregation Ohav Sholom since September of 1995. Prior to this, he served for two years as Assistant Rabbi at Flatbush Park Jewish Center in Mill Basin, Brooklyn.

He has studied in Brisk yeshiva in Jerusalem and is a close Talmid of Harav Meir Soloveitchik, shlita.

Rabbi Mehlman spent six years in Beth Medrash Govoha of Lakewood, N.J., where he received Semicha from the Yeshiva and Harav Yaakov

Forchheimer, shlita, Av Bet Din and Dayan in Lakewood yeshiva.

For four years, he studied under the tutelage of Harav Shlomo Gissinger, shlita, noted Rav and Posek in Lakewood, N.J., obtained Semicha, and considers the Rav his Rebbe Muvhak.

Rabbi Mehlman delivered weekly Mussar lectures to the student body of Yeshiva Gedolah Bais Yisroel in Brooklyn, served as Rosh Kollel in Kollel Shaarei Halacha in Queens and lectured regularly at the Mesivta of Manhattan.

He has served as Chaplain for the Child Protective Law Enforcement Agency, New York State, and currently serves as the Rabbi and Clergy Liaison for the Jewish community in the 20th Precinct of the New York City Police Department.

Rabbi Mehlman served as advisor and weekly columnist for the Jewish Interest Magazine in Brooklyn, circulation 60,000, columnist/feature writer for the Jewish Parent to Parent Digest, and is currently working on exciting seforim and book projects relating to Jewish philosophy, ethics and the Rabbinate in America.

The Rabbi is a weekly columnist for the Flatbush Jewish Journal, penning columns on Tefila and Pirkei Avos, that reach an estimated 100,000 people in 18,000 Flatbush homes, synagogues and stores.

He is Executive Rabbinic Director of National Kosher Supervision, a Kashrus company based in Manhattan. He is also a member of the West Side Kollel and delivers a daily shiur.

He is joined by his Aishes Chayil, Rebbetzin Ayelet and their seven children and a grandson from his oldest daughter.



Officers and Board

Aaron D. Mehlman Rabbi
Jeremy Sanders President
Josh Blacher Vice President
Micah Bloomfield, Esq Treasurer